Pärnu turuplats (ajaveeb)

Stories of Pärnu Market

How it all started. Back in 1953, a Market Square was built at the corner of Karja and Hõbe Streets – this place became an indispensable meeting place for the residents of Pärnu, assumably, similar to the spot under the clock of the main university building. At that time, the market was not only a trading and shopping place, but rather that of communicating with acquaintances! You know the saying: “They say in the market”? How else to find out what is happening in the city? Of course, you had to move to the market! As a bonus, you could always buy the necessary food as well.

Big changes hit the market at the beginning of 2000, when all the booths of the collective farms were demolished, and in their place a completely new ‘Vana market’ was erected, which opened its doors to visitors in 2003. However, the market visitors were not quite happy with the innovations, as the traditional market tended to disappear among the fabric and footwear stuff. Since the market has always been and remains an integral part of Pärnu, in the year of 2016, to the people’s joy, the reconstruction of the Old Market building began. In the process, the interior of the market was upgraded, and the building received a really beautiful appearance, appropriate for the urban space.

In 2017, on 5 April, Pärnu market opened in a big way, the new exterior of which was taken care of by architects Ivo Rebane and Rego Linn. The new building of Pärnu Market has become home to the largest Meat and Fish Hall in the city and an exciting food street, in the restaurants of which everyone can find something to suit their taste and pocket. More modern and convenient opportunities were also created for traders operating in the outdoor market. Of course, there is no shortage of permanent marketers who have been offering their garden products for decades, who always get the best and freshest garden products – starting with berries and ending with potatoes.