Pärnu Market has many good places for trading: you can choose whether you would prefer to deliver in the newly opened main building or instead in the outdoor market – everyone will find a corner that suits them!

By the way, trading on the market can be an exciting experience for those who do not do it on a daily basis. So if you love handicrafts or the apple harvest doesn’t fit in the basement, why not afford a different day at the counter?

If you want to come to trade, or if you have any questions in this area, please feel free to contact the contacts below.

General conditions

The place and time of sale must be agreed with Pärnu Market before starting to use the market counter.

Payment for the use of the point of sale must be made to Pärnu Market in accordance with the valid price list. The fee is payable before the start of the sales period. The length of the sales period can vary from one day to one month.

Only goods allowed by Pärnu Market and by law may be sold on the market.
When staying and trading in the market territory, the legal acts regulating trading and working and the procedures established by the market must be observed.

Be sure to use gloves when selling food!