Väliturg OÜ was established in April 2021 as a subsidiary of Pärnu market, with the aim of offering products from person to person. In other words, local small producers and ordinary people offer their grown/produced goods to our own people and why not to tourists who have come to get to know our culture and production. Mainly agricultural products, potatoes, carrots, turnips, chicken eggs and in summer strawberries, blueberries, raspberries are offered.
Everything that Estonian nature offers.

In the winter period, you can find socks, gloves, leggings, etc. knitted from sheep's wool at the pop-up tables in the warm market building. All of which are made by our own Estonian nimble fingers. Of course, in addition to sheep wool products, you can also find dog and alpaca wool products.

At the same time, you can also find surprises at the Välituru from faraway countries who have come to offer traditional products from their homeland, made right here in Estonia or brought from their own homeland.

For example, a couple of days a week, an Estonian-speaking trader from the Catalonia region of Spain surprises the shoppers with olive oils. At the same time, you can find local Turkish delicacies that are made right here in Estonia. Meat and fish products from Latvia.

All small companies, as well as ordinary people, whose apple harvest in their garden is too big for their family, the redcurrant bushes are too full of berries or the cucumber harvest is too big, are invited to trade at the Pärnu Turku Outdoor Market. If you make something nice and exciting yourself and haven't found a place to realize your own production! Do you make toys, jewelry or even paintings! Come to the market and trade!